5 Easy and Cheap DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas

Tis the season to decorate! Turn on your favorite Christmas music, make some peppermint flavored coffee and pull out those Christmas decorations! I love decorating for Christmas and celebrating the season with friends and family. Seeing the multicolored and white lights in our home at night is cozy and uplifting.

Welcome Moose Decor

Although decorating can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be. After Christmas is a great time to get decorations for a fraction of the retail price. I try to go shopping every year on the morning after Christmas. I stock up on gift wrapping essentials and always peruse the Christmas balls and ornaments to see if I can get nice ornaments for $2-4. I almost always do.  One year at CVS drug store, I bought the cutest 3 foot standing Moose (pictured to the left) for only $25! I put him in my entryway, at the bottom on our banister. I also found a big container of plastic Christmas balls only a couple dollars which, I use every year in one way or another to decorate. They are perfect for porch decorations or to put inside glass vases because they aren’t easily breakable.

Here are five easy and cheap decorating ideas or crafts that you can probably make using materials you already have. Always check your Christmas stock of ribbons and decorations before purchasing more! Try to re-purpose outdated decor too by painting it or replacing ribbons, or sprucing them up a bit. Pinterest has many ideas.

1. Galvanized bucket filled with large Pine cones and Holly branches

Galvanized bucket filled with large Pine cones, Holly branches and a faux green pick

I found a galvanized bucket in my basement that apparently was my husband’s before we were married, so that was a great find- free! My mother-in-law brings me pine cones from Florida that I always use for Christmas decorating which is another freebie! I then just stuck a greenery pick I found in my basement that I bout years ago from a craft store and it only cost me about $3. This is a simple, easy and inexpensive porch decoration that could also be used inside. It would look great on my fireplace hearth but, my little boys would never stay out of it. Finding pine cones and sticks in the woods is a great activity to do with your kids too!

2. Mason jar filled with fresh cranberries, cinnamon sticks tied with a bow

Mason jar filled with fresh cranberries, topped with cinnamon sticks and tied with a bow

Have you ever thought to yourself, the Mason jar company must be making a fortune with the trend in Mason jar decorating in recent years? Well, I have.  This Mason jar, which only cost $1, is simply filled with fresh cranberries which, cost $2, topped with some 3-4” cinnamon sticks and tied with a red and white bow that I found in my basement. This Christmas decoration only costs $3! You could use any Christmas ribbon you already may have. Check your Christmas stock!

3. Tall square cylinder glass vase filled with red Christmas balls, a large pine cone and a Christmas pick.

Tall glass square cylinder base filled with red Christmas balls, a large Pine cone and Christmas pick

I bought this tall glass vase at a second hand store that sells antiques and other goodies. I paid a few dollars for it and it is was very much worth it for its versatility. I put red Christmas balls at the bottom, then a large pine cone followed by some more red Christmas balls and topped with a Christmas pick. I love the height of it and there is just something attractive about Christmas balls in a shiny glass vase!

4. A small black lantern filled with red Christmas balls and a Christmas pick

Black lantern filled with red Christmas balls and a Christmas pick tied with a red and white bow

I bought this cute black lantern for about $7 or $8 at AC Moore Craft store about two years ago and just replaced the candle I put in it with a few red Christmas balls and one Christmas pick that I also found in my basement. The Christmas pick only cost $2-3. Lanterns are so popular and look great on a fireplace mantle, tablescape, window sill, table or any shelf.

  1. Basket filled with tree branches, pine cones and Christmas balls


Basket filled with Christmas tree branches, large Pine cones and Christmas balls

I found this easy and GREAT idea on Pinterest and just recreated it. Here is the link to the original page: https://ploughyourownfurrow.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/snow-and-sickness/amp/

It is just a basket filled with leftover Christmas tree branches, large pine cones and a few Christmas balls. Most likely, you have these materials already. I put this basket on my front porch and the tree branches remained alive for weeks in our cold Northeastern climate.

Hope you enjoy Christmas decorating, crafting, lighting, and making your home festive for the Christmas season!


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  1. Joy says:

    Easy but very pretty!! Love it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the inspiration! We’ll be getting started in a few weeks with our decorations 🙂


    1. The Mason jar with cranberries is a good one for kids to do. Mine were helping.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Mariah says:

    I love these ideas! The cranberry one is my favorite!



    1. Glad you like them. They are simple.


  4. These are such great ideas, I wish I would have seen them sooner! ❤


    1. Pin them for next year. Glad you liked them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, indeed! I’m happy to have found your blog. Looking forward to seeing more of it! 🙂


      2. Pinned for next year!


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